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My mission is to help you become the expert of YOU with Human Design!

What I Do

The world as we know it is changing at rapid speed. As a leading, innovative practice, Supernatural Coaching is ahead of the curve in self-development and wellbeing, navigating these changes with insight and expertise.

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Hey there!

Do you feel a need for change in your life but are unsure about what to change, how to do it, or where to begin?

You’re not alone. Many of us experience frustration when life doesn’t go as planned. We’re burnt out, fed up, and intuitively aware that there’s more to who we are and what life can offer. Yet, often, we feel trapped by our circumstances, uncertain about how or where to start exploring new possibilities.

I’m Sam!

As a professional Wellbeing Coach, I use Human Design as a tool to help people gain deep awareness of their true selves and their life’s purpose. This astonishing, scientifically validated system is assisting millions in radically improving their relationships, especially the most important one – the relationship with themselves.

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Supernatural Coaching

How I Work

My coaching niche is specifically tailored to support individuals, couples, and families facing challenges and struggles in their relationships. With my specialised knowledge, professional training, and extensive experience in both my work and personal life, I can deeply empathise and connect with your stories. I offer concrete, modern, and up-to-date strategies and tools to help you understand and shift away from repeated patterns of conflict and stress, enabling you to improve and nurture your relationships.

My programs and services cater to those ready for a different and new approach. They are designed for individuals who are tired of unhealthy, toxic behaviours that cause suffering not only to themselves but also to their children.

I dedicate my energy and time to those committed to uncovering the truth beneath their pain, suffering, and dysfunctional behaviours. My coaching is for those ready to challenge and change old belief patterns and write a new narrative for their lives. This is more than coaching; it’s soul development work.

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd is to bring awareness to the power of all humans by teaching them to become experts of themselves. This is achieved by accessing and understanding their unique blueprint, through the lens of Human Design, and other healing modalities underpinned by traditional forms of coaching.

I believe being the expert of ourselves means we become the authority in our own lives. The more we learn about ourselves and the nature of reality, the more freedom we have to create a life that is in alignment with what is right for us. When we make conscious, educated decisions based on what feels true and correct for us we can create, and maintain healthy personal boundaries, and can live an authentic, purpose-filled life. Unapologetically!

Education and awareness of oneself is the master key to transformation. Illuminating conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves clarifies our origin influences that have created dysfunctional behaviour patterns, boundary struggles, and limiting beliefs that hold us back from our full potential. When we become brave enough to de-condition the programming and align ourselves with life’s intelligence, every single one of us is capable of creating a life we desire and deserve as a result the world we perceive becomes our playground instead of a prison.

Samantha Selby
CEO & Founder

Supernatural Coaching