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What, how, or where to start?

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The world we know is changing rapidly, Supernatural Coaching is a leading innovative practice that is ahead of the game where self-development and healing is concerned


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My Mission is to Help you

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I’m Sam!

I am a professional Wellbeing Coach specifically helping people improve their relationships, especially the one with themselves.

My mission is to help you become the expert of YOU!

Many of us are frustrated because life is not going as planned. We are burnt out and fed up. Intuitively we know there is something more to who we are and what life has in store but we feel trapped and don’t know how or where to start exploring these opportunities.

My passion is to help people shift through blocks and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that create suffering including stress, traumatic reactivity, anxiety, self sabotage and low self-worth.

When we understand what lies beyond the physical body and harness the complex association of the mind, body, spirit we can start to identify patterns such as trauma loops that keep us stuck in cycles of dysfunctional and sometimes toxic relationships.

My coaching niche is specifically aimed to support individuals, couples, and families that are struggling in their relationships. My own life experience and professional training means I can personally empathise with your stories and give you the tools and strategies that open doors of awareness that makes way for growth and lasting change.  

My programs are interesting, interactive, engaging, simple to understand but most importantly, results orientated. I hold my clients accountable as we go on the journey together – this ensures we stay on track with the goals and milestones so we can start to see the transformation and the full potential the relationship deserves to have.

How I Work

Trauma is more than often the primary root cause of our suffering and what holds us back from living a full, free and authentic life.

Most people often don’t know why or how trauma is affecting how they operate in their daily lives. The truth, is we are all affected by macro and micro traumatic experiences and a lot of this relates back to our childhood experiences. For some, the trauma wound is buried so deep in their subconscious it is not always easy and straightforward to pinpoint exactly why they feel stuck, frustrated, angry and reactive. When we don’t recognise how traumatic experiences have affected us we remain bound to the past and disconnected from our true selves. We are complex by nature and there are many layers to peel back to reveal what is really going on for us.

Incredible growth is possible once we are brave enough to consider the idea that maybe the difficulties we are experiencing today are connected to past traumas that need to be released and healed.

The modalities I use in conjunction with my tradional coaching programs such as:

  • Quantum Human Design
  • Aura Scanning
  • Healy (Frequency Biotechnology),

together with trauma education, and many other forms of subconscious healing approaches – you get to see exactly what is going on for you in and around your energy field. You access whole different parts of yourself and will discover what may be creating an imbalance of the bioenergetic body which results in emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health challenges. When our understanding grows, we change!

We can see the patterns we are stuck in, we shift from confusion to clarity and with that comes a healthier, thriving relationship with the most important person – YOU!

“The way in which I see the services that Sam, as a coach provides, is like a professional friendship, someone who you can talk to honestly and openly as you would a close friend but who you can open up to in a way that you might not feel able to do with the friend that you have in your life. 

She will be someone who is there to deeply listen to your story, hear your frustrations, problems, dreams, and desires without judgement, and help you work to achieve your goals in a very practical but interesting way.  Even though I do have close family and friends I do not always open up to them when things are difficult as I do not want to worry them or change the way they interact with other members of my family.  

Sam is able to use her own life and experiences to help others. She has made very big changes in her own life to change her life path completely and has taken the steps to not just want this but to actually make it happen and to completely change her life for the better.

She uses her skills and tools to help guide people on how to reassess the path they are on and to learn that there may be other alternative paths that may lead them to a happier more purpose-filled life. Sam will not tell you the way in which they should be going but will help you identify ways to find your own path and reach your own goals supporting and cheering you on every step of the way”

Nikki B – Northern Beaches, Sydney

Your Journey💜

Wellbeing and self-worth meditation

The foundation of my programs and the affordable services and products I offer are practical, grounded, measurable, and supported in healing practices, modern science, medicine, and alternative health.

Supernatural Coaching is a service that focuses on helping people develop self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-empowerment through bringing consciousness to the unconscious self. When you dont know who you really are how can you create the life you desire?

In today’s rapidly changing world, many of us sense an urgency to embrace our fundamental selves, and engage in the world in a way that feels true and authentic. The results are life-changing and transformational, the only prerequisite you need is to have a deep desire to create the life you truly deserve.

Healing is an intimidating journey, it is almost always emotionally painful and uncomfortable, it is work, inner work which is what we call your journey. I can speak to this personally,  I have been there and can tell you my journey has got lighter, brighter more joyful and I have never, ever looked back.

Only you will know when you are ready for this journey. Is it a supportive practice that is deep-rooted in freedom and choice. Some things will resonate, some won’t. You will choose what tools will work best for you.

If you are new to the self-healing world and curious about energy, vibration, and consciousness I suggest beginning with your Human Design report as a starting point.

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