About Me

I’m Sam

Owner and founder of Supernatural Coaching.

I have lived in Sydney for 12 years but I am originally from Manchester, England. Being a proud Northern girl I knew and understood my core values but was unconsciously existing outside of those values and I was allowing the world to control me. I began my self-inquiry journey at the start of 2019 when I realised, I needed to make some major changes in my life.
I started to trust myself, and my gut, I came back to my anchor points, my core values. This led me into thinking about myself, my reality and relationship with my truth. I began by being completely authentic myself and with the world. I started by putting in healthy boundaries and making choices that felt right for me rather than what others thought were best for me. By validating myself and my choices I started to earn my own respect. It was only a short time before consciously realising the life I was living was out of alignment. I was very disconnected from myself. The inner voice I ignored for many years became louder and clearer. I decided to end my relationship of 17 years and I now co-parent my two beautiful daughters.

Helping the people I care about to navigate through lifecycles, emotions, parenthood, goals and dreams and drama is not something that is new to me, I have unconsciously been doing this all my adult life mostly around a dining table with my sisters and girlfriends!

I always knew I wanted a career that I was passionate about, I genuinely love helping people and I wanted to create a profession that would allow me to make a big impact in the world and people’s lives.

The name ‘Supernatural Coaching’ perfectly represents my work and dedication to understanding holistic health and spiritual practices that support wellbeing. I am a nuts-and-bolts girl and I do not fluff around with hocus pocus!

The foundation of my program and the services I offer are practical, grounded, measurable, and supported in healing practices, modern science, medicine, and holistic health. My style of coaching involves helping people develop self-knowledge and self-empowerment and from there we begin the journey of what will be life-changing and transformational.

We Basically have two Choices

Repeat or Evolve

The twenty-first century is a new era, we have astrologically shifted into a new paradigm, a scientific and planetary revolution, in which there is a shift from the simple, intuitive, straightforward, linear paradigm, to the quantum, convoluted, and counterintuitive paradigm.

We are now accepting that the old structures of the planet are coming apart at the seams, many global systems for example are dismantling right before our eyes.

It is now, more than ever before, as individuals and a collective we are finding ourselves in a self-discovery zone, we are searching for the power of our true nature.

This is often referred to as spiritual awakening.

We are starting to hear the inner voice inside ourselves and that voice is getting louder but we also wonder or worry about what our tribe and community will think of us so we quiet that voice down or gag it.

We ignore our true authentic selves.

So many of us don’t know what being ourselves actually means..”who is this “true self?” Who is the real person behind that mask before being shaped by beliefs, conditioning, judgments, and ego aiming to win respect approval, validation, or popularity?

This is our inner voice..this is our true authentic self, our intuition that has always been there. We have just developed a habit of not listening or trusting what it says.

If you are seeking clarity on what the inner voice is trying to tell you, then you have come to the right place – it all begins here.

Proud Mamma

Alongside running Supernatural Coaching, I am a proud and devoted mamma to my two girls now aged 9 and 6. I love long sunny beach days, picnics, walks in nature, weekends away, and anything that involves pampering or relaxing with a glass of bubbles, food, and friends!

I seriously enjoy learning! I love diving deep into anything that lights me up or shreds more layers off conditioning that does not serve me. I am super interested in human behaviour, emotional health, alternative healing, advanced technologies, including the supporting science in modern medicine that underpins this.

I love reading and learning about mystical, ancient wisdom, and pretty much anything from the mind, body spirit section at the bookshop. I enjoy interior design, renovation projects. I get excited about business projects, collaboration, and new ideas for the wonderful industry I am in.

My Human Design Energy type is a Manifesting Generator, Sacral Authority with a 6/3 Profile. I am designed to spin lots of plates in my life.

I am literally obsessed with anything related to personal growth or self-development, having two young girls and watching them grow in this lifetime keeps me seeking to learn more so I can guide them into adulthood in a way that keeps them physically, emotionally, mentally healthy, and grounded.