About Me

Hiya, I’m Sam!

Owner and Founder of Supernatural Coaching

I have lived in Sydney for 14 years but I am a proud Northern girl at heart, I was born and raised in the colourful suburbs of Manchester, England.

I guess I began my self-inquiry journey when my father died. I started to question my beliefs and became very interested in my spiritual life and the relationship with myself. I thought I knew my values but after taking a closer look was not living true to any of them and was allowing the life I was living to control me. I had two little girls who I needed to show up for and model a life that was authentic and meaningful. I started to trust myself and my gut which anchored me back to my core values. I started by daring to put in some personal boundaries and making choices that felt right to me rather than what others thought were best for me. By validating myself and my choices I developed a respect for myself.

It was only a short time before consciously realising the life I was living was completely out of alignment. I had been very disconnected from myself. The inner voice I ignored for many years became louder and clearer.

At the start of 2019, I made some major changes and decided to end my relationship of 17 years and I now co-parent my daughters.

I know I am not alone in my quest for finding my true self. Helping the people I care about to navigate through life cycles, emotions, parenthood, goals and dreams is not something that is new to me, I have unconsciously been doing this all my adult life, mostly around a dining table with my sisters and girlfriends!

I always knew I wanted a career that I was passionate about. I genuinely love helping people and I wanted to create a profession that would allow me to make a big impact in the world and people’s lives. The nature of who I am and how I work often challenges and pushes against the status quo. My style of coaching is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. I listen to people’s stories and teach them how to reframe them so they can find their own sense of power and become their own leaders to create the life they truly desire and deserve.

My coaching process is a combination of my own experiences and me stepping into my intuition. I am known for my no-nonsense approach, as well as my wit and genuine care when it comes to taking my clients through transformation processes. Throughout my own life experiences I have learned the hard way and experienced many trials and errors which has thickened my skin and finely tuned my bullshit radar.

I fully commit to my clients and expect the same, my mantra is – “where focus and energy goes, transformation flows”

The name Supernatural Coaching perfectly represents my work, commitment and dedication to learning and understanding holistic health and spiritual modalities and practices that enhance and support wellbeing. I am a nuts and bolts girl and do not fluff around with hocus pocus so don’t get any funny ideas!

The foundation of my programs and the services I offer are practical, grounded, measurable and supported in modern science, medicine and holistic health. My methods involve helping people develop a deep self-knowledge resulting in self-awareness and empowerment  – from there we begin the journey of what will be transformational and life-changing.



The purpose of Supernatural Coaching is to bring awareness to the power of all humans by teaching them to become the expert of themselves through accessing and understanding their unique blueprint through the lens of Quantum Human Design and other healing modalities as well as traditional forms of coaching.

I believe being the expert of ourselves means we are empowered in all areas of our lives. The more we learn about ourselves the more freedom we have to create a life that is in alignment with what is right for us. We make conscious decisions, create and maintain healthy, firm boundaries, and can live an authentic, purpose-filled life. Unapologetically!

Education and awareness of oneself is the master key to transformation. Illuminating conscious and unconscious aspects of our design clarifies our origin influences that have created dysfunctional behaviour patterns, boundary struggles, and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Nobody goes into their soul unescorted; I am here to guide you, support you and help you get clarity on your life purpose and help you find the language and strength to create a life you know you desire and deserve.

Proud Mama

Alongside running Supernatural Coaching and other business ventures, I am a proud and devoted mama to my two daughters now aged 7 and 10 (and my fluffy fur baby Cavoodle dog)

I love long sunny beach days, picnics, walks in nature with our dog, weekends away and anything that involves luxury gataways, pampering with a glass of bubbles, and catching up with friends and family!

I seriously enjoy learning! I love diving deep into anything that lights me up or sheds more layers of conditioning that does not serve me or my mission. I am super interested in human behaviour, emotional health, alternative healing, advanced technologies, including the supporting modern and medicines that underpins or validates this.

I love reading about pretty much ANYTHING from the mind-body-spirit section of the bookshop. I enjoy writing blogs and creating content that mirrors and supports my work. I like interior design and renovation projects. And I get excited about wealth and business creation that serve my passion and help people. I am ALWAYS networking and collaborating with like-minded people and love to create new ideas for the wonderful industry I am in.

My Human Design type is Manifesting Generator, Sacral authority with 6/3  profile. I am designed to spin lots of plates in my life and I do just that!

I am literally obsessed with anything related to personal growth and conscious parenting, raising two young girls and watching them grow in these interesting times keeps me on my toes and seeking to learn more so I can guide them into adulthood in a way that keeps them emotionally healthy and living authentically.