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About Me

Hiya, I’m Sam! I am the Owner and Founder of Supernatural Coaching.

My Story

I have lived in Sydney for 14 years but I am a proud Northern girl at heart, I was born and raised in the colourful suburbs of Manchester, England.

I guess I began my self-inquiry journey when my father died. I started to question my beliefs about death and became very interested in my spiritual life and my relationship with myself. I thought I knew my values but after taking a closer look, I realised I was not being true to any of them, I was allowing the life I was living to control me. I was raising two little girls who I needed to show up for and model a life that was authentic and meaningful. I started to trust myself and my gut which anchored me back to my core values. I began by daring to put some personal boundaries and making choices that felt right to me rather than what others thought were best for me. By validating myself and my decisions, I developed a respect for myself.

It was only a short time before I consciously realised that the life I was living was completely out of alignment, I had been existing disconnected from myself. The inner voice and signals I ignored for many years became louder and clearer.

I always knew I wanted a career that I was passionate about. I genuinely love helping people and wanted to create a profession that would allow me to make a big impact on the world and people’s lives. The nature of who I am and how I work often challenges and pushes against the status quo. My style of coaching is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. I listen to people’s stories and teach them how to reframe them so they can find their own sense of power and become their own leaders to create the life they truly desire and deserve.

The name Supernatural Coaching perfectly represents my work, commitment, and dedication to learning and understanding holistic health, spiritual modalities, and practices that enhance and support wellbeing. I am a nuts and bolts girl and do not fluff around with hocus pocus so don’t get any funny ideas!

The foundation of my products and the services I offer are practical, grounded, measurable and supported in modern science, medicine and holistic health. My methods involve helping people develop a deep self-knowledge resulting in self-awareness, conscious living and empowerment  – from there we begin the journey of what will be transformational and life-changing.

About Samantha Selby
Supernatural Coaching

Professional Bio

Samantha Selby is a Wellbeing Coach and is the CEO and founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd, a leading innovative professional coaching practice that is ahead of the game where self-development is concerned.

Sam is a certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Practitioner and uses this researched-based technology with her clients to help them understand the unhelpful behaviours and mindset that holds them back from living an authentic, meaningful life and often creates suffering and difficulties in their relationships.

At the heart of Supernatural Coaching’s mission is helping support and empower families, including children that are struggling with their family dynamics. Sam’s passion is to educate and promote Healthy Relationships, Self Awareness, and Wellbeing through her family empowerment coaching services, products, programs, and workshops.

Samantha teaches her clients to become the experts of themselves using Human Design as a tool to validate to her clients what they already intuitively know about themselves – helping them see clearly the qualities and potential they possess. This style of coaching gives them permission to let go of old stories and conditioning that no longer serve them and keep them in holding patterns. Moreover, it supports them to re-create a powerful new story that they can step into and re-aligns them with their authentic self. This results in her clients owning a healthy sense of empowerment which flows into their relationships, families, and communities. Samantha serves her international clients online, her coaching practice is based in NSW, Sydney.

Sam’s certification in Community Services includes identifying and responding to Domestic Abuse and Violence & Child Protection and has given her the insight, training, and education into the current model of government assistance and health systems that support families and children. She has worked closely with the Domestic Violence & Family Support unit at her local Community Centre and has coached many of their clients to reclaim their lives through awareness and education about domestic abuse and coercive control.

Samantha is a devoted student of holistic healing, energy modalities and metaphysical studies, she is also a trained facilitator of a class II medical frequency device that analyses and supports the bioenergetic field. A highly creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur and humanitarian, her varied background in Project Management and Business Analysis has given her solid foundations to create local and overseas business ventures as well as NFP start-up projects, she has recently founded and registered a charity in Australia “The House of Wellbeing”. Sam loves to network and collaborate with like-minded people in her own community and globally, she is known for bringing ground-breaking ideas and digital automated systems to grow her brand and help other businesses expand and succeed. 

Proud Mama

Alongside running Supernatural Coaching and other business ventures, I am a proud and devoted mama to my two daughters now aged 9 and 12 (and my fluffy fur baby Cavoodle dog, Buddy)

I love long sunny beach days, picnics, walks in nature with our dog, weekends away and anything that involves luxury getaways, pampering with a glass of bubbles, and catching up with friends and family!

I seriously enjoy learning! I will always dive deep into anything that lights me up or sheds more layers of conditioning that does not serve me or my mission. I am deeply fascinated by human behaviour, emotional health, alternative healing, and advanced technologies, including the supporting modern and ancient medicines that underpin or validate this.

I love reading pretty much ANYTHING from the mind-body-spirit section of the bookshop. I enjoy writing blogs and creating content that mirrors and supports my work. 

As a Manifesting Generator with a 6/3 profile in Human Design, I thrive on juggling multiple projects and interests. My entrepreneurial spirit is always alight with ideas for health and wealth creation and business opportunities, and I relish networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals to create innovative solutions in my industry.

At the core of my being is an obsession with personal growth and conscious parenting. Raising two young girls and watching them grow in these interesting times keeps me on my toes and seeking to learn more so I can guide them into adulthood in a way that keeps them emotionally healthy, living authentically and reaching their fullest potential.

Supernatural Coaching
Supernatural Coaching

Human Design Certification

Samantha is very honoured and privileged to have completed her Level 4 specialist training with the founder of Quantum Human Design™ Karen Curry Parker. Karen established one of the first life coaching practices in America and created the first Family Coach Certification Training in the world and worked directly with Ra Uru Hu for 20 years before setting up her own professional training school Human Design for Everyone™ and the Quantum Alignment System™, Karen is also a Child Development Specialist and Parent Coach.

If you are a professional in the helping people industry and looking for ways to expand your knowledge in human behaviour, Samantha highly recommends visiting Quantum Human Design™ Professional Certification Training where you can enrol for professional studies and access a wealth of resources in the Human Design system.

Collaborate with Sam

Human Design is becoming one of the fastest growing self-awareness modalities in the wellbeing space…

Hire Sam to come to your yoga studio / wellbeing practice or speak to your clients via a zoom hangout/workshop or masterclass.

If you believe your clients would be interested in learning more about Human Design, Samantha can offer small group workshops on the benefits of Human Design and how this amazing tool can help your clients in all aspects of their life. We can create tailor-made packages that include chart printouts, workbook materials, and resources to get your clients started in redesigning their stories according to how they are uniquely designed.

If you would to collaborate with Samantha or invite her to talk on your podcast or media channel, please get in touch using this form.

Do you love Human Design? Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur who uses this modality? Share Sam’s work and get paid! Supernatural Coaching has an affliate program for those who share the Personalised Human Design Reading Reports. Click here to download a collaboration kit