Professional Bio

Samantha Selby is a Wellbeing Coach and is the CEO and founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd, a leading innovative professional coaching practice that is ahead of the game where self-development is concerned.

Sam is a certified Level 3 Quantum Human Design Practitioner and uses this researched-based technology with her clients to help them understand the unhelpful behaviours and mindset that often holds them back from living an authentic, meaningful life and often creates suffering and difficulties in their relationships.

At the heart of Supernatural Coaching’s mission is to help support and empower women and families, including children that are struggling in dysfunctional family relationships. Sam’s passion is to educate and promote Health and Wellbeing through her family empowerment coaching services, products, programs, and workshops.


Samantha teaches her clients to become the experts of themselves using this powerful modality helping them create a different quality of their energy which shifts and reframes the narrative of who they think they are. Sam uses Human Design as a tool to validate to her clients what they already know about themselves helping them see clearly the qualities and potential they possess. This style of coaching gives them permission to let go of old stories and conditioning that no longer serves them and keeps them in holding patterns, as well as supporting them to re-creating a powerful new story that they can step into and re-aligns them with their authentic self. This results in her clients owning a healthy sense of empowerment which flows into their relationships, families, and communities.


Samantha holds a Certificate IV in Community Services which includes identifying and responding to Domestic Abuse and Violence & Child Protection. This has given her the insight, training and education into the current model of government assistance and health systems that supports families and children, she works closely with the Domestic Violence & Family Support unit at her local Community Centre and has coached many of their clients to reclaim their lives through awareness and education of domestic abuse and coercive control.


Samantha is a devoted student of holistic healing and energy modalities she is also a trained practitioner of the Healy Device, a class II medical device that analyses and supports the bioenergetic field.


Samantha is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and humanitarian, her varied background in Project Management and Business Analysis has given her solid foundations to create local and overseas business ventures as well as NFP start-up projects. Sam loves to network and collaborate with like-minded people in her own community and globally, she is known for bringing ground-breaking ideas and digital automated systems to help other businesses expand and succeed.