Are you someone who makes assumptions?

Be honest with yourself..

We all have the tendency to make assumptions about everything, but the problem is we believe they are the truth. The human mind creates a lot of chaos which causes us to misinterpret and misunderstand.
We only see what we want to see and what we want to hear we don’t perceive things the way they actually are, they are filtered through our belief system which is different from everyone else’s.
If we do not understand something, we make assumptions about the meaning of that and make all sorts of shit up. When the truth comes out, we find out our assumptions were all made up lies in our head.
We can even start to defend the assumptions, we may have created a lot of drama around those assumptions, started gossiping, projected our fears, anger, judged, and created negative emotions to try and keep hold of the assumptions – because we are afraid to ask for clarification of those assumptions.
The assumption got too big.
It is simply better to ask for clarification, ask questions, be sure because making assumptions set us and everyone around us up for suffering.
In relationships and friendships, we can make the assumption that people know us so well they know how we think, so we don’t say what we really feel or want, why would we? they know us so well. If they don’t do what we expect we get hurt and say things like, “you should have known” a whole drama is created around that, and more assumptions are put on top of that.
How many of us have done this?🤦
We also make assumptions about ourselves, which causes inner conflict – “I think I can do this” then when we fail, we beat ourselves up and feel pissed off. When really, we didn’t get quiet and ask ourselves how we really felt about it, we realise we told ourselves a lie – we made an assumption.
With clear communication with ourself, and those around us, all of our relationships, including ourselves become so much healthier, there would be no misunderstandings from the beginning – the truth can and will hurt and it can be very inconvenient but if we want to improve our relationships we need to stop making the assumption.
Becoming aware of our habits and routines is the most important step.
Next time we wonder what’s going on, and, if we feel it’s our business to know, we need to get clarification about that.
Acknowledging – The Third Agreement

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