What does self-authenticity and what does it mean to be authentic?

In the last 2 years, I have focused a lot of my energy on doing this work – it’s a daily practice that I am yet to master, however, I am grateful I have given myself the opportunity and grace to dive deep into this state of awareness.

Self-authenticity is one of, if not, the most important values we can hold to be in integrity and alignment with our higher purpose which for me, means being healthy and whole as human beings. It is also a sign of emotional maturity and holding good personal boundaries.

Every single one of us is designed to be unconditionally loved for who we are. We are all born with a unique energy blueprint – complete with gifts, traits, qualities, wisdom, intuition and knowledge.

Self-authenticity and being authentic means being deeply connected to ourselves in a loving and compassionate way.

To be authentic and achieve self-authenticity means we are completely, unapologetically ourselves with anyone and everyone around us at all times.

We are all born with the purpose to love and feel loved. When we are very young our goal as a child is to be loved and feel accepted, and to fit in, but we are also born into the belief systems of others (often well-meaning parents, caregivers, teachers, religions and society including institutionalised systems) that told us to be and act in other ways in order to be loved, accepted, part of the group etc, even if that is was at our own detriment.

We were too young to understand, so we accept this was the right way for the reward of love.

We had no choice, we didn’t know any other way.

We don’t know – what we don’t know…

For most of us, we became disconnected from our core. In other words, our unique energy blueprint was hijacked/distorted, and we became someone else to fit in and we lost our self-authenticity.

It’s happened to all of us! We don’t understand as a child those generational beliefs belonged to someone else. We are all passed down with family traits, beliefs, ways of thinking, religion, rules, and judgements – this can also be referred to as conditioning, which is subconscious and shapes our behaviours, actions as we grow in the world.

Here’s the thing, none of those things belonged to us, we didn’t choose any of them.

If you are paying attention to what’s going on in the world from a spiritual perspective then you will agree that right now the human race is going through a huge shift of consciousness individually, collectively and astrologically.

We are moving into a new paradigm. A new world. We are all being tested and upgraded.

Every human being existing on the planet has a responsibility to understand the very basics of universal law.

There is no law higher than universal law. It trumps every ‘man-made’ law ever created. It is the law of one.

It is now, more than ever before, as human beings we are finding ourselves, our self-authenticity in a self-discovery zone, we are searching for the power of our true nature and can feel ourselves facing a deep internal conflict as well as experiencing external conflicts.

There are so many uncomfortable things being brought to the surface for pretty much every one of us – we are all affected in some way or another – it’s like the universe is demanding every soul to strip it’s self-back to its core and make some decisions in order to become its authentic self.

It is time to start paying attention to when we know we are not being authentic, when we our ignoring our self-authenticity  instead of denying or abandoning ourselves for the fear of being uncomfortable.

We need to be brave.

Do we have the courage to ask ourselves what do we FEAR? Is it rejection, abandonment, loneliness, being an outcast? Shame? Judgement?

Self-authenticity or to be authentic means being raw with who we are, accepting and loving that despite the opinions and beliefs of others.

Being inauthentic means we are out of alignment with our own purpose, it means we are singing along to someone else’s tune. We are out of harmony with our soul calling, and this is why we suffer emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It takes so much energy to be inauthentic.

Being inauthentic is to be enslaved to someone/something else’s belief/programming/narrative/idea/opinion. This includes pretending to be someone else to feel accepted and to fit in, agreeing or approving other people’s opinions that don’t resonate or belong to us, silencing ourselves in fear of speaking our true opinion based on our own beliefs or feelings and experiences.

History shows us that FEAR has been used for thousands of years as a control mechanism against humans and for most people FEAR will override LOGIC.

We are living in an era where information is infinite and constantly at our fingertips.

In order to advance as humans living in this timeline, we are supposed to and have a RIGHT to question the beliefs, systems, rules, narratives and dogma that manipulate, harm, traumatise, keep us limited in any way shape or form and controlling us through narratives that create a FEAR so potent that we forget our own basic human rights to freedom.

That’s how, as human beings, we grow, improve, advance, create change and progress through lifetimes. We are designed as spiritual beings to evolve consciously, as individuals and collectively.

The master key to freedom and sovereignty is to be consistently authentically YOU around everyone and everything in your day-to-day life. Even if that means not being accepted or fitting in.

It is our duty to progress as humans individually so we can evolve collectively towards a peaceful, healthy, harmonious planet. It is our obligation to do our own due diligence in all aspects of our own lives including the choices and decisions we make for ourselves – it is NOT up to our friend, our teacher, our wife, our husband, our work colleague, our neighbour, the government, the media, our sister, our boss to influence our beliefs.

It is our duty to be responsible and accountable for where we are focusing our attention.

In the end, when our time comes to say goodbye to the physical world and return to source – being authentic is what life was truly about – we did not come here to sell ourselves out to someone else’s beliefs/conditioning/ideas/opinions or narratives and we certainly didn’t come here to live in fear!

Regardless of what our choice is to believe what is going on right now that reality will play out in our life. That’s how the law of attraction works.

Helping people discover their authentic selves and tap into their own self-worth is a HUGE part of my work as a coach.

I use Quantum Human Design in my practice to access your energy blueprint From here we start to peel back the layers, heal and untangle from the conditioning and programming keeping you feeling limited and holding you back from expressing your true authentic self. In these sessions, you get to learn to master your own integrity and let go of what no longer serves so you can bring yourself back into alignment and stand in your own value.

I also work with parents to help them understand their child’s unique blueprint to create more flow in the family dynamic instead of resistance and power struggles that can lead to unhealthy behaviour patterns.

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