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Authenticity is a fundamental aspect of being human. Working towards achieving self-authenticity is essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life. But what exactly is self-authenticity and what does it mean to be authentic? Let’s explore these questions further.

Understanding Self-Authenticity: In the last three years, I have dedicated a significant amount of energy to this transformative work. It’s a daily practice that I continue to embrace, even though mastery remains a constant pursuit. Nevertheless, I am grateful I have given myself the opportunity and have now the tools to dive deep into this state of awareness.

Self-authenticity is a deeply important concept that requires daily practice and self-awareness. It involves being true to oneself, connected to our core essence, and aligned with our higher purpose. for me, working towards self-authenticity is a sign of emotional maturity because it allows us to live in integrity and alignment with our true nature.

The Essence of Authenticity: To be authentic means to be deeply connected to ourselves in a loving and compassionate way. It involves being completely honest with ourselves and with others, embracing and expressing our true thoughts, feelings, and desires. If this goal seems out of reach for you, you are not alone. Most of us growing up had to face the challenges of conforming to societal beliefs and expectations, which created a disconnection from our core selves and a loss of authenticity.

The Conditioning Challenge: From a young age, our goal is to be loved, accepted, and fit in. We adopt the beliefs and values of others, even if they are not in line with our true nature. This conditioning becomes subconscious and shapes our behaviors and actions as we navigate the world. The result is a disconnection from our authentic selves, as our core essence is hijacked or distorted to meet external expectations we experience a phenomenon known as “self-alienation.” This self-alienation can lead to feelings of emptiness, disconnection, and a loss of meaning and purpose in life.

The current state of the world, from a spiritual perspective, signifies a significant shift in consciousness. Individuals are now experiencing a self-discovery journey, we are now searching for the power of our true nature. This shift brings both internal and external conflicts, as individuals confront their inauthenticity and strive to align with their soul’s calling.

The Cost of Inauthenticity: Being inauthentic means we are out of alignment with our own purpose, it means we are singing along to someone else’s tune. We are out of harmony with our soul calling, and this is why we suffer emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Being inauthentic is to be enslaved to someone/something else’s belief/programming/narrative/idea/opinion. This includes pretending to be someone else to feel accepted and to fit in, being agreeable or approving other people’s opinions that don’t resonate or belong to us, silencing ourselves in fear of speaking our true opinion based on our own beliefs or feelings and experiences.

It takes up so much energy to be inauthentic! Don’t you agree?

Numerous studies have explored the relationship between authenticity and mental and emotional health. One study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology found that individuals who reported higher levels of authenticity experienced greater life satisfaction, positive affect, and overall psychological wellbeing. On the other hand, those who struggled with authenticity reported higher levels of depression, anxiety, and interpersonal difficulties.

It is time for us to pay attention to moments when we are not being authentic. This includes situations where we ignore, deny, or abandon our true selves out of fear of discomfort or upsetting others.

We need to be brave.

The Power of Human Design: As a Human Design practitoner, a significant part of my work is helping people discover their authentic selves by accessing their unique energy blueprint. Through this process, we start to peel back the layers, identify and untangle from the conditioning and programming keeping them feeling limited and holding them back from expressing their true selves. We step into the creative space and write a new set of beliefs and a story that is more in alignment with the truth of who they are which gives them an opportunity to create a higher version of themselves. 

Self-authenticity is a transformative journey that requires daily practice and self-reflection. It involves being true to oneself, and identifying our core beliefs that are aligned with our higher purpose. By embracing our authenticity, we can live in integrity, experience greater fulfillment, and unlock our true potential.

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