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Embracing the Power of Choice

Feeling trapped in your own life story? Break free and embrace the power of choice. This thought provoking blog article explores the transformative wisdom of Conscious Choice and the profound impact of Human Design on personal growth.

You are the master of your life story, the creator of your own reality. The glasses you’re wearing right now shape how you perceive the world and operate within the reality you’ve created for yourself.

The Power of Human Design: A Path to Self-Awareness

Human Design serves as a powerful tool for self-awareness, allowing us to understand our unique energetic blueprint. By exploring our Human Design chart, including our energy type, strategy, authority, and profile, we gain deep insights into ourselves. Human Design empowers us to shed limiting beliefs and view the world through a lens of personal empowerment and possibility.

Here are #5 basic rules I live by, each deeply connected to my understanding of Human Design types and the journey of self-discovery:

Rule #1: Surround Yourself with Supportive Connections

Let go of the friends, family members, and all the people in your life who frequently drain and suck your energy dry giving you sweet FA in return. Instead, pay close attention to those aligned with your personal values, who genuinely inquire about your life and remain present in your conversations. Be mindful of your own tendencies towards needy requests and an imbalance in giving within relationships. Cultivating meaningful connections that uplift and inspire you is crucial on your journey of personal growth. When those close to you understand your Human Design, they can better support your needs, respect your boundaries, and engage with you in ways that are mutually beneficial and energetically aligned.

Rule #2: Set Boundaries and Prioritise Your Needs

Learn to say no. This behaviour, often driven by a desire for attention, love, or validation, can be detrimental not only to you but also to those around you. By consistently agreeing or saying yes to others’ demands or needs, you may inadvertently hinder their growth and development of life skills. More importantly, you’re neglecting your own needs and inner voice.

Remember, your children are observing and learning from your actions. Constantly saying ‘yes’ can inadvertently imprint a belief system that equates kindness with self-sacrifice. There are a million ways to teach kindness – don’t be a doormat.

By delving into the themes of your Human Design Centers, you gain insights into these behaviours when they are out of alignment, and how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries. This profound understanding will not only benefit you but also means you become a role model for your children because it teaches them to respect their own limits cultivating a strong sense of self-awareness and self-worth.

Rule #3: Speak Your Truth and Embrace Vulnerability

Stand up for what you believe and speak your truth – do so kindly, respectfully, and when you are sober and in the presence of the person involved. Understanding your Throat Centre configuration in your Human Design Chart can help you understand how you can communicate more effectively and authentically. If expressing yourself directly feels too painful, consider writing a heartfelt letter or an email. Even if what you have to say might hurt the other person, sharing your truth can be uncomfortable but ultimately liberating. It also gives that person the ability to share their feelings or explain their perception. Sharing your truth will set you free and open new doors for you, even if you believe you are the ‘bad guy’ in the story. Remember, the universe is watching and is waiting to assist you abundantly when you have played your integral role in the energy dynamic.

Rule #4: Embrace Self-Discovery and Open-Mindedness

Have your own back and stay true to your unique perspective. Listen intently and with an open mind to others’ beliefs, ideas, opinions, and views. If what they say doesn’t resonate with you, simply acknowledge with a ‘that’s interesting’ and move on. Avoid the urge to fight, change their minds, or prove your worth. These actions only drain your time and energy. Instead, seek out those who can listen and engage with emotional and intellectual intelligence. Healthy, productive debates can lead to fascinating outcomes, and you might even find yourself re-evaluating your own beliefs after being exposed to diverse perspectives. Understanding your Ajna and Head Centre configuration in your Human Design chart can be particularly enlightening in this regard, offering deeper insights into how you process thoughts and ideas, and how you can best communicate and interact with others’ viewpoints.

Rule #5: Take Accountability and Embrace Healing

Be accountable for your words and actions. Take responsibility for how you’ve treated or hurt someone, perhaps as a reaction to your own wounds, past trauma, or inability to emotionally regulate. Quit giving the silent treatment or stonewalling because you are uncomfortable with being vulnerable or sharing your own unresolved pain. At least acknowledge your actions, your hurtful tone, or the words you said. Apologise genuinely, allowing space for healing and growth.

Your self-worth and personal integrity rely on owning your behaviours and actions.

Educate yourself to find solutions to these dysfunctional patterns if they frequently occur. Intend to change habits and heal your wounds, take action and walk your talk – CONSISTENTLY. If you feel you don’t fully trust the person, or know this is the time to get out of that friendship or relationship, then walk away. Cut the cord. Say ‘thank you’ for that situation, for showing you that lesson and the pain, and then make a decision to uplevel. Do some inner work to examine or explore it, and feel those emotions, even when they hurt really bad, because your pain is A LESSON that you hopefully do not wish to repeat. Have the courage to be accountable for not being your best self in a situation, circumstance, or drama. Stop blaming everyone else. It really matters to the healing process and is so important to your self-worth and the personal integrity that you innately possess. Exploring the nuances of your unique Human Design Chart offers profound clarity, illuminating every facet of your life with newfound understanding and perspective of how you can make better choices for all aspects of your life.

Choose Personal Growth: Embrace the Power of Choice

Remember, you always have a choice. Embrace personal growth by making conscious decisions that align with your highest potential. By embracing the wisdom of Human Design and breaking free from your conditioning and limitations you can step into your truth, learn the art of forgiveness and uplevel your self-awareness – by doing this you will shine and radiate your true essence and attract so many new possibilities.

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