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What is a Human Aura?

If you are like me and find the phenomena of life on a physical and metaphysical level fascinating you will have probably already heard of Human Auras.

Every – thing in the universe is made of energy, people, plants, animals, buildings, … once you wrap your head around this you will start to understand how the exchange of energy between Human Auras explains why you might feel attracted or repelled to certain people or places. Your Aura can sense and tune into the person, place, or experience before you say a word, I am sure you have experienced this many times!

The Human Aura is made up of seven layers. It is an egg-shaped energy that surrounds the body, it is helpful if you think of this as a three-dimensional atmosphere. The Human Aura is given life through the chakra system. The physical and energetic bodies work together – without either of these, we wouldn’t be alive.

Like the Chakra system, each of the seven layers of the Human Aura has a specific meaning and purpose. Each layer of the Aura connects with one of the seven chakras. When your energetic bodies are balanced, connected, and flowing with your Chakras you are in alignment.

According to quantum physics, everything is vibration and frequency, information, and energy. Once information is made (in the biology), it cannot be erased, but we can change the energy of this information and thus dissolve blockages by shifting or transforming energies that are negatively affecting the energy field; for example, if you haven’t forgiven yourself/ someone else for something that happened in the past, the imprint is still in your body and the blueprint is out of balance.

It’s important to clear this negative energy simply by becoming aware of the source and then bringing the chakras back into balance using emotional clearing methods.