What does a ‘Life Coach’ even do and how did I get into this industry?

What does a life coach do? I thought I would start my blog by explaining this question I often get asked.

To be honest, I don’t like to use the term ‘Life Coach’ – telling someone I am a ‘Life Coach’ makes it sound like I have got MY life together and my job is to tell people what they should do with THEIR life and I get paid for it.

I am afraid I will have to shatter any illusions you may have about my role as a Coach, I can tell you right now I HAVEN’T got my life together and I DON’T tell my clients what to do with theirs (I save that for my friends, family, and children!)

The main reason I got myself into the coaching industry was that I have always had a deep longing to be in the helping profession. During the lockdown in April 2019 (being a newly single Mum) I had to stand down from the new job I had just started to home-school my kids. I was so uncomfortable with the harsh lockdown measures and started to become very concerned and upset about the families and children around the world who were in abusive situations. I would think about kids who couldn’t go to school (a safe place for many) and parents who couldn’t go to work (creating further despair to their problems, many turning to substance or alcohol abuse). It did my head in. I felt helpless and guilty, but at the same time grateful. I spent our lock down days at the beach or the park.

My hometown is Manchester in the UK, I am actually from one of the largest council estates in Europe (Wythenshawe), I guess having an understanding and first-hand life experiences of street life and the social structures of where my roots were formed got me very passionate, very quickly about the work I wanted to dive into.

Now I was receiving government support payments and finding time on my hands I began to look into all sorts of professions; social work, psychology, counselling, and family support. The more I researched the more I discovered it was all too limiting and in many cases depressing and frustrating (lots of checkboxes and rules, governing policies, and regulations to abide by and too many injustices in the system). The study and certification process was too long (4 years) and, it was too expensive ($70k), it seemed too academically driven and not enough intuition and common sense justice for my personal liking.

I have an allergic reaction whenever I need to conform to authority, especially corrupt government systems and structures so after a lot of research into those traditional methods that idea of helping humanity from that perspective went down the drain, but I didn’t give up. It was actually during my discovery of the Healy device, I realised I could use one of the amazing features of this modality as a platform for coaching in the health and wellness space and it was from that realisation, I took up study to become a Life Coach in the Health and Wellness industry. During my training with Healy my fascination with alternative health, science and spirituality became an obsession. Then Human Design landed on my lap and I dove in deep and fast to the world of that. I took up a course with the school of Human Design.

For those of you reading who may be in these professions, this is not to disrespect or tear down your practice or take anything away from your work. I am speaking from my own opinion in relation to the limitations of these industries. I have had many counselling, therapy, and psychology experiences over the years– and have walked away feeling frustrated, and in some cases ripped off, even with those who were highly recommended! Everything would stay just within those four walls and sit neatly in the filing cabinet until my next appointment (in other words) ‘thanks and see you same time next week!’
I learned not all were like this, just as medical doctors train to become naturopaths and wear both hats during practice, the therapy industry is the same. These days, a lot of therapists go into the coaching profession and practice from both worlds. Coaches are not therapists, I want to be clear, there is no treatment plan in coaching, however, coaching and therapy can exist simultaneously.

Coaches work with people who are reasonably well, who may experience anxiety, depression, and other non-life-threatening symptoms from time to time (which is normal and natural) for all of us these days. The focus of coaching is your LIFE. The role of a coach is to look at your life from a holistic point of view and help you get clear on what you want, and where you want to go in this lifetime.

Some people have said to me, ‘I don’t understand why someone would want a life coach, I have my life in order and I am happy, so why would I need your services?’ and I say… ‘well good for you, you clearly don’t need my services….enjoy your life! ‘But for the most people I talk to and interact with (who are mainly genuine and honest) admit they have a niggle, a frustration, or a cycle they keep repeating. They feel stuck, they feel emotionally alone amongst a loving family, or a feeling of being ‘numb’ and going through the motions of life until the weekend comes. They feel energetically drained, irritated, and detached. THESE are the people who could benefit from having a Coach.

Coaching is a co-equal relationship –meaning coach and client come together to look at the client’s life to solve a specific problem whilst providing guidance, trust, emotional and practical support and helping the client find their own answers and come up with their own solutions. A coach’s role is to honour and witness their client’s journey, hold their hand on the difficult paths and hold them accountable for the tasks they may face in their growth journey.

What I love about the coaching industry is it allows you to be a bit of a mad scientist or a detective (if you will) It gives you a much broader landscape or a playground to operate in so you can add your own unique flavour to the client’s journey. Coaching allows the use of modalities, technologies, methods, and solution-finding techniques which makes your curriculum fun, unique, innovative, achieving results, in some cases far quicker than traditional therapy. In saying this, I wanted to point out that coaching isn’t some hippy dippy-free style, shake your life up in an irresponsible way shit. We are also rule-bound by the Code Of Ethics, Responsibilities, and Principles (depending on the school or certification you have trained under). Coaches can go to the depths like therapists do and can definitely challenge a client’s way of thinking or feeling to help shift the limitations they have put on themselves or what they have been conditioned or programmed to believe.

I believe most coaches are genuinely passionate about helping people. They have the best intentions for their clients, so, for me, coaching was more in alignment with my personality, style, and the modalities I use which represents the new paradigm that we have already shifted into.

My Coaching niche is to help clients understand and harness the mind, body, spirit/soul complex. I believe fostering an understanding of this knowledge helps reach higher levels of awareness/consciousness resulting in a more authentic, meaningful relationship with oneself. Naturally, this leads to self-love and healing. When one is at that level of consciousness they can experience and manifest abundance, health, sovereignty and live a purpose-filled joyful life which then radiates out to the collective. I still haven’t found a marketing name for the niche so I’ll just stick with what I have on my business card, ‘Holistic Health Coach’ bit of everything (I am a bit like that in my nature anyway, ‘jack of all trades, master of none!’)

If any of you amazing humans are following my social media you will appreciate the content I put out can be an in-direct way of coaching. Personally, I do not use these platforms to sell sessions or to get attention to create lots of customers (obviously, yes, it is a great advertising tool and a great way people can find me and relate to my work) but ultimately the intention of the content I post is about spreading hope and optimism. I find this a great way to create sometimes potent and effective intervention regardless of whether that person is my client. This is also a great way to share things that I authentically know about and can teach so people can get an understanding of my coaching style or niche.

Don’t be fooled by my spiritual logo design ladies and gents, my work is firmly grounded in science and modern medicine. My formula is unique, life changing and I am thrilled to be of service to those who feel I may be able to help them on their journey.

Please feel free to ask any questions, comment below or share my work.

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