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The problem with healing is when we are healthy in mind, body, and spirit; it makes sense to start living life to its full potential; we become limitless.
Healing means we need to get our shit together and start taking full responsibility and being accountable. Healing means being fully empowered in our own lives and to stop making excuses and living in a victim consciousness. 
Healing, or Spiritual work is one of the most intimidating journeys of the human experience, but it is necessary if we want to start getting out of our own way to live life to its full potential and live the life we desire.
We live in a society where using our wounds is deeply supported. If we hold on to our wounds, we are not entirely healthy, so it doesn’t appeal to us to be invulnerable. We are living in a time where our wounds and suffering have privileges; they have proven to be an effective way of influencing, manipulating, or controlling others.
Living wounded, or percieving ourselves to be “broken” can give us social tools, a currency, we are victims, and we need to be compensated, rewarded somehow, people need to take care of us.
If we stay wounded in some way, we stay normal, we are approachable, we are needed, and we are needy.

If we are healthy and whole, no one will need us anymore.

However the wound got there (whether it was something, someone else, a situation, or environment) it doesn’t define us.
We are not our pain, we are not our depression, we are not our anxiety, we are not our trauma, jealously or anger.. they are experiences we have as humans.
We are designed to fully feel and experience those emotions and then let them go. The word e-motion means; energy-in-motion. Our wounds are part of our story and will always be a part of us. We can honour them and thank them for making us stronger. Even if we created the wound or trauma to ourselves or someone else…we can not keep paying for the mistake – if true justice exists then paying only once is enough, that’s a lesson learned. Humans are the only animals on earth that pay a thousand times for the same mistake, we judge ourselves of that error and we guilt and shame, then all the other people remind us of that mistake, over and over.
The truth is, we are not meant to stay wounded; nature has designed us to heal, nature wants us to evolve. Healing our emtional wounds is inner work it firstly requires acceptance of the wound, excavating the toxic infection, and allowing the battle scar to remind us of our strength and courage. If we keep covering the wound with illusions or avoiding the inner work required we will keep repeating the same lessons. The universe has a funny way of bringing us lessons that force us to evolve. We simply can not grow or mature when we don’t want to look at the wound or cover it up with distractions, it will eventually manifest and create more pain and suffering to not only ourselves but for everyone else around us.
We did not come here to suffer or go through life as victims of our stories, we came here to learn lessons, we came here to evolve through raising our levels of consciousness.
As Carlos Casteneda once said, “we either choose to make ourselves happy or stay miserable – the same amount of work is required.”

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