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Coaching Services With Human Design

Alignment Coaching

Honesty is the key to self-mastery. A strong desire, commitment, and courage are essential for achieving sustainable and transformative results. This is inner spiritual work; there is no magic pill. My style of coaching is not one-size-fits-all! If we choose to work together, the services, programs, and modalities I use will be completely tailored to you, your relationship, your family, and your individual situation and goals.

Being vulnerable means being authentic. Ensuring that you feel comfortable with me and my approach is crucial to this process. My coaching style is a blend of my own experiences and intuitive insights. I am known for my no-nonsense approach, as well as my wit, genuine care, and integrity when guiding clients through transformational processes. Through my own life experiences, I’ve learned the hard way, facing many trials and tough lessons, which has thickened my skin and finely tuned my bullsh**t radar.

I am genuinely invested in seeing my clients succeed, celebrating every step and milestone with them.

Nobody embarks on a journey of the soul unescorted; I am here to guide you, support you, and help you gain clarity on your life purpose. I’ll assist you in finding the language, courage, and strength to create the life you desire and deserve.

Human Design Certification
Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are challenging! We enter them with hopes of building a meaningful, loving partnership, but they often become sources of pain. It’s confusing and overwhelming when those we love deeply are also the cause of our distress. Despite telling ourselves that the difficult behaviors won’t recur, we find ourselves trapped in repetitive, messy patterns.

The good news is we absolutely can step out of the cycle, but it requires us to be brave. It starts with courage, being honest and vulnerable with ourselves and our partners.

Having personally gone through traditional forms of couples counselling and individual therapy, as well as a separation I can relate and empathise with your story.

If you are already hearing the alarm bells or tending to the wounds of your relationship, there is no better time to start making steps to try and heal so you can move forward in a new direction rather than going back to old patterns.

I am committed to giving you strategies and tools including supporting you in ways to help grow and transform the relationship into a healthier and more meaningful one you and your family deserve.

Family Empowerment Coaching

This service is specifically crafted for parents and caregivers ready to actively engage in their own growth and that of their children. It’s for those committed to forging a new family narrative, one that fosters healthy, respectful behaviors and communication, thereby nurturing authentic connections within the family unit.

An initial consultation is essential to understand your unique family dynamics. Based on this, a tailor-made package is developed, addressing your family’s specific needs and complexities.

As a fundamental prerequisite, both parents are required to obtain their Human Design reading books. This step ensures a comprehensive understanding and alignment in the journey towards family wellbeing.


Human Design Certification
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Parenting with Human Design

Human Design is for everyone! and it’s incredibly insightful for children too.

As a parent, if you’ve ever found yourself perplexed by your child’s unique frustrations or their distinctive personality traits, Human Design can be a revelatory tool. It’s akin to a map that helps you piece together the puzzle of your child’s inner world, enabling a deeper understanding and a more harmonious connection with their energy and personality as they navigate their environment.

For those parents grappling with the challenges of parenting, feeling disconnected or overwhelmed, Human Design offers invaluable insights. It helps you support your child’s emotional and energetic needs, allowing them to live in greater alignment with their true selves. Our children often struggle to articulate their needs and feelings. Understanding their Human Design opens a window into their experiences, fostering mutual growth and understanding. This not only enhances each family member’s sense of self-worth but also cultivates a deeper connection, healing dysfunctional patterns and breaking cycles of behavior.

If you are a parent and like me, have struggled with understanding your child’s frustrations, or been baffled by their quirky personality traits, this is an amazing tool (a bit like a map) that will help you connect the puzzle pieces so you can understand your child on a deeper level and really get into tune with how their energy and personality operate within the world around them.

If you are struggling to connect or feeling burnt out with parenting challenges, this is a great tool to understand how best you can support your child’s emotional and energy needs and help them live more aligned with who they are. Our children can not always find the words to explain what they need or feel, knowing their Human Design means we get to discover to what’s really going on for them, this way both parent and child are supported in the process of learning about themselves.
This gives everyone in the family a sense of self-worth and increases an overall sense of value resulting in establishing deeper states of connection and healing dysfunctional behaviour patterns and cycles.