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The stress of raising a family in these difficult, fast moving and confusing times is becoming more and more concerning. It is reported that children are now taking regular medication for anxiety more than ever before in history. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health symptoms of childhood and adolescence. Different kinds of anxiety affect young people at different times in their development.

Many of us have bought into the concept of believing good parenting is all about fixing the child, however, I challenge you to consider the idea that conscious parenting means shifting the focus from the child, to YOU the parent. When we parents dare to put ourselves under the microscope, we can learn how our own upbringing and life challenge’s affect and shape the way we interact with our child often resulting in reacting to our child that is not helpful and in some cases inappropriate and damaging.

The truth is, many, if not all of us are plagued with our own issues and trauma complexes due to being raised in a distorted template that inevitably shapes the way we view the world causing us to carry over those emotional dysfunctions to not only our relationships, but our parenting.

My parenting and family empowerment coaching programs are created through the lens of Human Design – enter a new parenting paradigm – the wisest investment you will make!

I can teach you ways to learn to create the space for your child to get in touch with their own sense of self so they can realise their own potential and purpose rather than being conditioned and controlled in the traditional paradigms of parenting. When we parents can take a step back and allow our children to become the architects of their own world by discovering and expressing their inner voice, they learn to connect with their own being and that of others – this is the key ingredient for their present and future wellbeing, resilience and empowerment.


“An awakened parent understands that parent and child are seen as equal serving as mutual partners on a path of growth founded on increasing consciousness. The focus is always on the parent’s awareness rather than on the child’s behaviour.”

“We are all here to be our own leaders. Question everything, honour and trust yourself, and start taking responsibility for your own Health and Wellbeing.

You are your own best healer”


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