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How do you work?

I work with my clients in many ways: in person, over videotelephony using software such as Skype or  Zoom, telephone, email, or text. My private practice is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I also operate from the Northern Beaches Community Centre in Manly. 

How much do your services cost?

You will find my price list on my calendar schedule here

Does the Healy really work?

Yes, it does.

Healy is a powerful new advancement in energy medicine. It’s simple, effective, and proven.

I have had many of my own breakthroughs using Healy, with myself and my children. I’ve also done many case studies using Healy because I’m actually sceptical by nature and wanted to find something wrong with it! Don’t take my word for it, there are hundreds of thousands of real people’s testimonials to support Healy’s effectiveness – check out the reviews here, and join the conversation – some of the results are mind-blowing.

What will my Human Design Report tell me?

This comprehensive personalised digital report gives you an overview of your Energy Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile complete with your Body Graph and a guide on how to interpret your report.

Human Design does not tell us we are good or bad people. It gives you access to your strategy and authority, if you decide to experiment with your design you can use these in your everyday life. 

Your report also gives you an overview of your profile type including your emotional signature and not-self theme.

If you are new to the world of Human Design, accessing your unique report it’s a great place to start. Human Design is not like numerology, nor is it a self-assessment tool.

Your quantum blueprint is formulated using your birth information and is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology including the Chinese iChing, The Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics. 

What will my child's report tell me?

Knowing your child’s Human Design has the potential to TOTALLY changed the way you parent.

It has helped me understand on a deep soul level my child’s true nature. My intention is to help parents to understand the negative effects their beliefs and conditioning can have on their children.

Your child’s report will tell you their energy type, their strategy, and their authority and tips on how to support their energy type. 

Taking responsibility for ourselves as parents and living as ourselves in an authentic way is the best gift we can give to our children – if you are living your life through trauma (stress) conditioning or as a result of programming you are not giving your children a chance to see the best version of who you are.

These days we operate on autopilot, we are merely surviving instead of thriving so we parent from our trauma (stress), conditioning, or past wounds, we project our fears or our expectations onto our children. 

Once we can get honest with ourselves and look at our own shadows we can begin to start the work of healing our own inner child. As a result, we will transform and become the best version of ourselves. Our children will be the next generation of mentally healthy and truly empowered humans.

Before you dive into your child’s report, take notice of your own, I guarantee you will get to learn so much about yourself. It’s then a great idea to start the process of conscious parenting using Human Design as a tool.

What do I need to do for an Aura scan?

When you click on the book scan link the intake instructions for preparation will show up. I require you to give me personal information about your health and history and where you are at now. Healing is all about awareness and intention. Being honest with yourself is not always easy, it can bring up a lot of emotions.

I am not a medically qualified therapist or dr. I will/can not give you any medical advice. I am here to support and guide you through the appointment session. Everything I share is in the highest good and intention for you to start your healing journey if you choose to.

When performing the Aura/Bioresonance Scan using the Healy I am tuning into your energy field. I am assuming you know a little about energy healing before you book. In modern physics space and time do not exist, we are all connected as human beings through the quantum field.

I use my intuition and guidance from the results of the scans to send the re-balancing frequencies back to your energy field.

Everything is followed up by email and any other guidance I may have for you.