Energetic Healing


What is Energetic Healing?

Modern science now proves that the universe, and everything in it, including us, is made up of PURE ENERGY – which can be defined most simply as “information that vibrates.”Everything is made of energy: molecules, our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs.

Each of your cells pulses electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. Not only is it possible that the human body creates electromagnetic fields — it is the only way we can possibly exist as a coherent entity!

Most medical professionals in Western Medicine are trained to believe that cells are made out of matter and can only be influenced by other matter such as drugs or chemicals, but modern science, researchers, and health professionals that work in Eastern Medicine are proving that the invisible energy field/blueprint we are all born with is the body’s intelligent, self-healing, self-correcting energetic and informational structure that guides and directs the cells in their millions of daily activities, meaning that the body-field acts as a control system – managing the self-healing power of the body.

The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems, so when our personal vibration is low it can create disease which is caused by energetic imbalances; therefore, health can be restored or established by correcting the frequencies and balancing one’s energies.

Healy Testimonials from Happy Clients

Happy Healy Customer

“I have known Samantha for over 10 years and find her to be an amazing, compassionate, honest, caring and beautiful person – inside and out. Samantha is passionate about what she truly believes in and I will be forever grateful to her for introducing me to the Healy and the time she spent in teaching me. Her incredible knowledge in the area of Human Design also helped me to sort out certain issues in my life, which I would have not been able to do so on my own. Samantha is dedicated to helping others and I believe she has found her calling in Supernatural Coaching”

Simone – SWR – Mid North Coast

Healy - Hip Pain Testimonial

I was suffering from a lot of hip pain and would wake up through the night and the next day in a lot of pain this had been getting worse as months went on.  Sam ran a Healy program on my hip and a few days later the pain had completely gone. It did start to come back a month or so later and again Sam ran another program on my hip this time the pain was so much better the next day and again gone completely a few days later and I have not had hip pain for several months since. The improvement was amazing I could not believe that I could go from quite severe pain every single day to no pain at all and the only thing that I had done differently was the Healy.  The science behind frequency medicine is fascinating. I would recommend to people who suffer from joint/hip/back pain.

Nikki – Special Needs Teacher (Manly Vale), Sydney

Healy - Resonance Scan - Rescue Dog

Our dog Kobe is a young rescue dog who was quite reactive and barked a lot, we had had him for 3 months. Sam attached the Healy to his collar and ran the scan and it showed Kobe had anxiety and stress – the program took 4-5 mins to complete.

Kobe seemed blissfully unaware of the program. In fact, when it started running he seemed to relax instantly. Kobe stress reduced quite considerable afterwards. We have definitely seen a drop in his reactivity and barking. It was great trying Healy and there was a positive reaction with our rescue dog Kobe. It has helped him become the dog he is today!

Haden – Sam’s Neighbour (Manly Vale), Sydney

Healy Customer

Samantha introduced me to the Healy and guided me through the training with passion and patience. It was no issue for her that I am on a different timeline, Samantha ensured that the training fitted in with me and my family. Nothing was too much for her, any questions that I had were answered promptly – I felt in every way completely looked after! Not being in the same country, Samantha exceeded my expectations regarding customer service, and I have no hesitation in recommending Supernatural Coaching.

Nicole – Healy Customer – Nashville/Tennessee

Chronic Sleep Issues

I have struggled with Chronic Insomnia for a number of years and when I found out about Healy I was very keen to try it. I was under no illusions from the offset as I have tried a number of things.

The 1st physical session was a pleasant surprise. The continuing distance sessions have been positive and when a remote program is running I feel relaxed and at ease. My sleep was uninterrupted for approx 6 hours that night. We have been doing several remote sessions with similar results, long term I am sure this will help together with my insomnia with my CBT-Insomnia therapy sessions.

I decided to invest in the Healy for both myself and my wife. It will be used for my insomnia issues and other things that may come up in our family or friends. My wife is a registered nurse and will look to work with close friends and family to educate them on the benefits of Healy.

The science of the Healy and the research behind it is impressive, I definitely believe there is a place for holistic medicine in these times.

Gary – Builder – Port Macquarie, Sydney

Ankle / Joint Pain Testimonal

Sam ran a pain program for my problem of pain along the left ankle, along the top of the foot and along the bottom arch, I would rate the pain a 9 out of 10 so this was intense and has been affecting me for 2 years. The case study session was comfortable, the sensation was a tingling and warm feeling. I would like to continue the sessions and was extremely interested and completely agree with the science behind Healy, it makes so much sense.

Joanne – Business Owner – Northern Beaches, Sydney


Where is the energy body?

We can not see our energy body, it is invisible to our five senses, but we know it exists. Our emotions, for example, are part of our energy body – when we are happy and healthy we have lots of energy, when we are sick or feeling low or sad we feel drained and tired. The energy body is, in a way, similar to an electronic device.

Every energy center has important individual functions, you may have heard of meridians or chakras or the aura. While subtle energy anatomy knowledge began intuitively, we must acknowledge the understanding of these subtle systems have been shared between peoples and cultures for thousands of years.

Modern medicine and science are now catching up and some of the most exciting work in the field today is happening in laboratories, clinics, institutes, and universities around the world, these are the people responsible for helping the world accomplish a vitally important objective: the marriage of science and spirituality, of visible and invisible.

Ground-breaking studies using leading-edge equipment, physics, and processes have developed a new set of subtle energy “mystics”: scientists unveiling the mysteries of the energy system. These experts are working to create a world we all want to and should live in, that encompasses and infuses all optimum health care approaches; Western, Eastern, and Energy Medicine. With this knowledge, professionals can attain a new level of medical excellence and take advantage of integrative medicine that are all vital paths to healing.


Healy technology this is a product that is unheard of in our pharmaceutical health industry but is making a positive impact around the world. I think we can agree that there has never been a time in history where more money has been spent on healthcare and at the same time more people than ever suffer needlessly. In a world filled with the most sophisticated intelligence and technology mankind has ever seen, way too many people are unhealthy, obese, dying from cancer suffering from diseases and aging way too fast!

We are all born with a perfect body field, this is the healing energy blueprint. This field is the body’s intelligent, self-healing, self-correcting energetic, and informational structure. Unfortunately, life’s challenges such as stress, diet, environmental poisons, emotional upsets cause damage to the original blueprint and the energy field becomes blocked. As a result, the information to the cells becomes scrambled and the cells cannot communicate, we then become un-well, and suffer dis-ease.

Healy works on all dimensions of our health and existence, frequencies have been shown to enhance:












Bioenergetic Field






This is Healy

Healy and its programs are designed and used to harmonize the body, harmonize the organs, harmonize mental state, harmonize emotional and soul well-being, and as protection and optimization of cells as well as restoring the cell membrane tension to its natural level.

Sounds like magic -and we would like to say it is. But it’s just science. Cutting-edge science and technology created by a collection of conscious creators to lead the health industry forward in a natural and effective way. Through meticulous and reliable work, TimeWaver has become known as a top Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Healy has set the bar for innovation and healing.

Who developed Healy?

Dr. Marcus Schmieke is the founder of TimeWaver. He is the driving force behind the development of the TimeWaver systems and Healy.

Marcus was a concert pianist as a child, became a chess master as a teenager and as a young adult he decided to be a monk in an Indian monastery for several years. He studied philosophy and physics; a chance meeting with German physicist Burkhard Heim led to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The highlight of Marcus’ work so far is the TimeWaver technology that unites natural science and philosophy, based on Burkhard Heim’s Information Field theory.

Burkhard Heim is the only physicist to the present day to have achieved the goal of discovering a ‘world formula’ in his Information Field theory. He was driven by his lifelong strong interest in spirituality and holistic science.

For many years, it was Marcus’ wish that you and everyone else should have easy and affordable access to the possibilities of TimeWaver technology. The technical means to achieve his goal have only very recently become available.

Nuno Nina is a Portuguese therapist who runs seven private clinics. He is a specialist in integrative medicine and cell biology. Through his experience with more than 45,000 patients, he brought the theories and findings from his research in the form of a collection of 144,000 so-called “gold frequencies” to the project. 

At the heart of Healy is a quantum sensor that uses these Gold Frequencies to individually analyze the frequencies that are suitable for you at the time of application.

Nuno Nina has successfully treated thousands of patients in his clinics with his proven therapy protocols over the past 15 years. Based on the Gold Frequencies, Healy has more than 100 sequence programs for bioenergetic support of many areas of life and various symptoms. These applications are called systemic programs in Healy and are abbreviated as “syst.“. For almost every purpose we always recommend the systemic programs, because they have the aim to balance bioenergetic causes. For this reason, the systemic programs are not applied locally, but in most cases systemically via the bracelet electrodes. In this way, the frequencies applied via the upper body affect the organs, glands and nervous system.

Medical experts are now proving that the key to making chronic disease better is making a single cell work.

Dr Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Aura & Chakra Scan

If you are serious about doing emotional clearing work, having an Aura & Chakra Scan using Healy is a fantastic way to start getting insights of your energy centres.

Healy uses bio-feedback technology which uses a quantum sensor and translates the client’s frequency into a comprehensive report which is sent to you soon after the session. This data is measured in real-time and can identify what centers are out of balance or blocked which can cause emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health distortions. The specific frequencies are then sent to rebalance the field including the option to program vibrational affirmations. It is important for our health to keep our energy clear and flowing, simply by becoming aware of any negative sources can help us do the required work resulting in the chakras coming back into balance.
The scan can be done remotely or face to face using the Healy device. The session involves an intake phone call and form completion for prep and set up.
A full copy of the chakra photography and analysis report is emailed to you along with notes which you may find helpful from the session.

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