Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the new and exciting self-awareness tool that has been scientifically validated and becoming very popular in the coaching industry.

Human Design draws from four ancient wisdom traditions to become a system in its own right that provides a technical-looking design of the person you were born to be.

It uses your birth data to determine your exact placement in time and space relative to the solar system and star fields around you at the precise moment of birth.

It’s your energetic blueprint in a visual road map form that explains in a very grounded, practical, and detailed way who you really are.


If you’re going to create an authentic life – a life that is yours – you’ve got to start with knowing Who You Are and what you need to do to get started living the story you were born to live.

Karen Curry Parker – Founder of the Quantum Human DesignTM


Why is Human Design Important?

We are all born our natural selves in our own unique blueprint, pure and ready to grow, but as we grow, life experiences, the beliefs and conditioning of our mostly well-intentioned parents or caregivers coupled with the pressure and influence of society, media, and social media we get “conditioned” or “programmed” and act according to how we think we should be to please everyone.We begin to abandon our true selves and adopt qualities and tendencies to be appreciated and validated to make us successful out in the world. We feel and believe we need to adapt to what people expect us to be and what society tells us to be. When we become adults we do all the things we think we should do but we feel something is not right and we go along with the motions of life. Sooner or later this leaves us fighting against ourselves often leaving us frustrated, resentful, have a low self-esteem, and disconnected from ourselves and those around us. This is often referred to as a mental illness or an identity crisis. Some of us turn to coping mechanisms like alcohol or substance abuse and find ourselves in unhealthy patterns of behaviour or engage and feel stuck in dysfunctional relationships.

Human Design is not about changing yourself, it’s about knowing yourself. It simply gives you the tools to gain a deeper understanding of your gifts, your wisdom, your drive, and your vulnerabilities, which can set you free from old, self-defeating patterns of thinking and the judgment of others.

Accessing and understanding your unique chart gives you a whole new personal perspective so you can see the beauty and magnificence of who you truly are. When you understand yourself, you can make choices about your life that are in alignment with your true nature. When you work with your true nature, your life flows easily and you start to live without compromising who you really are.

Human Design Testimonial’s

Human Design Client– Northern Beaches, Sydney

“Sam has helped me find peace during an incredibly stressful and emotional time for my family. She has guided my understanding of human behaviours through using Human Design (something I had never heard of but found completely fascinating and spot-on during our integration sessions)

Sam encouraged me to let go of circumstances and relationships that were out of my control. I trust Sam completely and truly feel I can communicate honestly, openly, and free from judgement. Sam has genuine care and compassion, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work through any personal issues in a safe and supported environment.”

Human Design Relationship Coaching Client – Central Coast

“I have been working with Sam for quite some time now. I was having a lot of troubles in my relationship not only with my partner but with myself as well. In the beginning, I struggled to understand who I really was as a person and why I was experiencing the same patterns repeatedly leaving me emotional, confused, and quite frankly angry. Sam allowed me to talk openly with no judgement or critic. Her 1 on 1 time was nourishing and give me a lot of clarity of who I was as a person and why my standards and beliefs are so important to me. I now see on a deeper level we are all designed differently and once we can understand that it can release so much pressure on ourselves and in our relationships too. I would highly recommend Sam and Human Design to anyone”

Human Design - Family Coaching

It was very empowering to get a better understanding of who we are individually but also how we can work better as a family. We refer to our human design reports a lot as there is so much to take in and understand but the more we use it along with our sessions with Sam have been invaluable. We are learning how to communicate better understand that it’s ok to be different. So worth while!

Relationship & Family Coaching

Our sessions with Sam have been incredibly beneficial for our family. We have gained a better understanding of ourselves as individuals within our family unit and completely changed our approach when dealing with the behaviour of both of our children. Our boys have responded well and are happier, calmer and have had significantly fewer tantrums since we began family coaching. The communication between my husband and I have also dramatically improved and we feel more in control and confident in our parenting ability.

Family Coaching Session with Kim - Human Design (Case Study)

This was excellent – it was so interesting and actually made sense. I was quite a sceptic before using this system but was so excited to start implementing some of the tools and tips she gave us.
My husband really opened up and we had a good laugh about our qualities and traits – it has helped me understand his nature and its given us a new platform to improve and grow our relationship. Sam is intuitive with the kids and they open up with the questions she asks – they love talking about their own character and she helps them own and celebrate that uniqueness.
It’s given us areas to look at which we never would of before. I couldn’t recommend this more. Sam is absolutely brilliant.

Parenting using Human Design

Human Design is for everyone! Including children. If you are a parent and like me, have never quite understood your child’s personality or frustrations in life, then this is an amazing tool to understand them on a deeper level and really get into tune with how their energy and personality operates with the world around them.

As parents, it is our genetic instinct to love our children to keep them as safe and happy as possible. Many parenting books try to offer the perfect solution on how to raise and feed children, and while they offer some very valuable insights and tools, the truth is that there is a unique way to treat each child. To educate with love is to allow the child to be themselves, no matter how the outer world conditions and influences them. Human Design is an amazing parent-hacking tool that can help support your children in everyday life according to who they are in their nature. This includes their environment, their play, and their sleep.

Human Design shows you what your child is here for, what avenues of life are going to be their strengths, capabilities, frustrations, and bumps in their learning road. Having insight into this generation of children and seeing them for what and who they are is the first step in transcending the limitations contemporary culture places on us and our parenting. Human Design can empower everyone in your family, enhance a more harmonious home life as well as cultivating a deeper relationship with your children.

If you are struggling with parenting this is a great tool to learn what their energetic and emotional needs are. 

Healthy Relationships Using Human Design

I believe conscious relationships are healthy relationships. Human Design is the science of differentiation. It reminds us that we only have control over ourselves and our inner world. It begins with awareness of who we really are, how we operate and are energetically set up.

Human Design is a wonderful tool that can help our relationships. If you are having issues in your relationships, Human Design is a fascinating tool to use to understand your own nature, traits and how your design influences the issues you may be facing. The first step is about being completely honest with yourself, taking responsibility and being accountable for the part you play. We all have higher and lower expressions of how our energy operates. Singular awareness is hugely beneficial and will echo out energetically, so this is where I strongly encourage you to begin.

Relationship Coaching using Human Design is a great way to learn a deeper awareness of how you and your partner can cultivate a healthier relationship by identifying conditioning and old beliefs that are holding you back that often cause conflict and resentment resulting in repeated cycles of patterns that can feel like being stuck.

There is no better day than today to start making positive steps in your relationships by becoming aware of who you and your loved one really are through Human Design.