Human Design

What is Human Design?

Discover the new and exciting groundbreaking self-awareness tool where science meets spirituality.

An astonishing system that reveals our unique genetic blueprint giving us the true knowledge of who we really are and why we are here.

Your Human Design chart is a tool that will help you discover your path to living an aligned, authentic, vital and truly meaningful life – it can simply be described as the “owner’s manual” to your life.


The Benefits


Understand the conscious and unconscious self, and become aware of who you are.


Be ready to be truly honest with yourself and what you want and deserve.


Accept the fact that you are a unique individual worthy of your desires.


Re-frame the stories you hold about yourself and others and the surrounding belief structures that are tied to them, breaking dysfunctional patterns.


Escape your repeated patterns of pleasing others and tap into your own authority.


Create healthy and firm boundaries and be consistent with them.


Unlock your intuition and understand how to make decisions in your life according to how you are energetically designed.


Become aware of who you really are and what makes you tick. Confirm what you have always known, sensed and felt about yourself


Discover your gifts and talents and how you can apply this to create the life you want


Let go of fear, blame, and resentment so you can make room for healing and design your new life.


Re-connect with your personal truth and the blueprint of who you are.


Understand how unhealthy relationship patterns can affect your children and create repeated generational cycles.


Deepen your compassion, patience and ultimately love for yourself and others


Dissociate from toxic relationships, environments, experiences, and drama.


Identify any past or current emotional trauma and conditioning and how to take steps to heal from this.


Recognise and acknowledge unhealthy and reactive emotions and detangling them, resulting in less emotional conflict with yourself and others.


Learn about the themes that have been playing out in your life & relationships


Earn your own respect, have your own back, and begin to identify what is not healthy for you.


Learn to be secure and happy in your own company without feeling alone or at a loss or feeling rejected.


Trust yourself to surrender for situations outside of your control/allowing you to take charge of your own life and letting go of the need to control everything and others.


How can Human Design Help You?

Human Design is an invitation for every person on the planet to examine their soul. We are not here randomly, we came here for a reason, we are all once in a lifetime cosmic miracles, there never has and there never will be another you!

Human Design is a scientifically proven modality that is intended to enhance every aspect of our lives. Your unique chart helps you understand how you work and how best to make your life work for you. We are all energetically uniquely configured and we carry our own relationship “DNA”. Understanding our Human Design can help us decode these energetic expressions to assist us in living the highest potential we are here to live out.

If you feel like you have lost touch with yourself you are not alone. The greatest source of pain in life is the disconnect from our authentic self.  It creates restlessness, creates stress and unhappiness. Intuitively we know we are not being true to ourselves. This plays out in our behaviours and actions and we don’t know how to shift or change to start the re-alignment process. 

Human Design is a powerful tool to help you remember your authentic self and reconnect you to your life purpose. 

Human Design Testimonial’s

5 Star Review

“I have been working with Sam for quite some time now. I was having a lot of troubles in my relationship not only with my partner but with myself as well.

In the beginning, I struggled to understand who I really was as a person and why I was experiencing the same patterns repeatedly leaving me emotional, confused, and quite frankly angry.

Sam allowed me to talk openly with no judgement or critic. Sam’s 1:1 was nourishing and gave me a lot of clarity of who I was as a person and why my standards and beliefs are so important to me. I now see on a deeper level we are all designed differently and once we can understand that it can release so much pressure on ourselves and in our relationships too. I would highly recommend Sam and Human Design to anyone”

Anon- Central Coast  NSW, Human Design client
5 Star Review

This was excellent – it was so interesting and actually made sense. I was quite a sceptic before using this system but was so excited to start implementing some of the tools and tips she gave us.

My husband really opened up and we had a good laugh about our qualities and traits – it has helped me understand his nature and its given us a new platform to improve and grow our relationship. Sam is intuitive with the kids and they open up with the questions she asks – they love talking about their own character and she helps them own and celebrate that uniqueness.

It’s given us areas to look at which we never would of before.

I couldn’t recommend this more. Sam is absolutely brilliant.

Kim- Central Coast NSW, Human Design Client
5 Star Review

“Sam has helped me find peace during an incredibly stressful and emotional time for my family.

She has guided my understanding of human behaviours through using Human Design (something I had never heard of but found completely fascinating and spot-on during our integration sessions)

Sam encouraged me to let go of circumstances and relationships that were out of my control.

I trust Sam completely and truly feel I can communicate honestly, openly, and free from judgement.

Sam has genuine care and compassion, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work through any personal issues in a safe and supported environment.”

Rob –  Sydney NSW, Human Design Client

(Parenting with Human Design

Human Design is for everyone! Including children. If you are a parent and like me, have never quite understood your child’s personality or frustrations in life, then this is an amazing tool to understand them on a deeper level and really get into tune with how their energy and personality operates with the world around them.

As parents, it is our genetic instinct to love our children to keep them as safe and happy as possible. Many parenting books try to offer the perfect solution on how to raise children, and while they offer some very valuable insights and tools, the truth is that there is a unique way to treat each child. To educate with love is to allow the child to be themselves, no matter how the outer world conditions and influences them. Human Design is an amazing parent-hacking tool that can help support your children in everyday life according to who they are in their nature. This includes their environment, their play, and their sleep.

Human Design shows you what your child is here for, what avenues of life are going to be their strengths, capabilities, frustrations, and bumps in their learning road. Having insight into this generation of children and seeing them for what and who they are is the first step in transcending the limitations contemporary culture places on us and our parenting. Human Design can empower everyone in your family, enhance a more harmonious home life as well as cultivating a deeper relationship with your child.

If you are struggling with parenting this is a great tool to understand how best you can support their emotional and energy needs.

**coming soon**

(We are working very hard on this valuable tool and will let you know as soon as it’s ready to purchase – please add your details to the waitlist – in the meantime – if you are a parent is highly recommended you first study your own chart)

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We are working very hard on this valuable tool and will let you know as soon as it’s ready to purchase

Please add your details to the waitlist – in the meantime – if you are a parent is highly recommended you first study your own chart

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Human Design Testimonial’s (Kids)

5 Star Review

Our sessions with Sam have been incredibly beneficial for our family. We have gained a better understanding of ourselves as individuals within our family unit and completely changed our approach when dealing with the behaviour of both of our children. Our boys have responded well and are happier, calmer and have had significantly fewer tantrums since we began family coaching. The communication between my husband and I have also dramatically improved and we feel more in control and confident in our parenting ability.

Shari & Rob, NSW, Australia
5 Star Review

It was very empowering to get a better understanding of who we are individually but also how we can work better as a family.

We refer to our human design reports a lot as there is so much to take in and understand but the more we use it along with our sessions with Sam have been invaluable. We are learning how to communicate better understand that it’s ok to be different. So worthwhile!

Jess & Jay – NSW, Australia 
5 Star Review

Sam’s ability in communicating with children is amazing. From the Human Design chart she was able to get on a level with my daughter that enabled her to open up and discuss her issues at school that were making her very unhappy. Sam was able to discuss how we can best support and empower our daughter without the instinctive need to fix her friendship issues which were very triggering for us as parents.

Human Design is a really special and unique system – Sam can explain it in simple language when we refer back to the reports – we learn something new each time.

Martin –  Central Coast, Australia