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Wall of Appreciation

Human Design Certification

Family & Relationship Coaching

Rob - Professional & Dad

“Sam has helped me find peace during an incredibly stressful and emotional time for my family. She has guided my understanding of human behaviours through using Human Design (something I had never heard of, or fully understood but found completely fascinating and spot-on during our integration sessions)

Sam has encouraged me to let go of circumstances and other people’s behaviours that were out of my control but was taking very personally and was very hurt by.

I trust Sam completely and truly feel I can communicate honestly, openly, and free from judgement.

Sam has genuine care and compassion, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work through any family and personal issues in a safe and supported environment.”

Kim - Sound Healer & Holistic Counsellor

“This was excellent – it is super interesting and actually makes sense. I was quite a sceptic before using this system but was so excited to start implementing some of the strategies and homework Sam gave us after just the first session.

Surprisingly my husband really opened up and we had a good laugh about our qualities and traits – it’s has helped me understand his true nature, and (sadly) that I’m also huge part to play in our disagreements!
This style of working together has given us a new platform to improve and grow our relationship. Sam is really intuitive with the kids and they are happy to open up with the questions she asks – they love talking about their own character and she helps them own and celebrate that uniqueness.

It’s given us areas to look at which we never would of before.

I couldn’t recommend this kind of coaching more. Sam is absolutely brilliant.”

Shari & Robin

“Our sessions with Sam have been incredibly beneficial for our family. We have gained a better understanding of ourselves as individuals within our family unit and completely changed our approach when dealing with the behaviour of both of our children.

Our boys have responded well and are happier, calmer and have had significantly fewer tantrums since we began family coaching. The communication between my husband and I have also dramatically improved and we feel more in control and confident in our parenting ability.”

Jess & Jay

“It was very empowering to get a better understanding of who we are individually but also how we can work better as a family unit.

We refer to our Human Design reports a lot as there is so much to take in and understand but Sam makes it simple – this information has been invaluable. We are learning how to communicate better and understand that it’s ok to be different as well as trying to not to condition our children to have the same beliefs …
Very interesting and so worthwhile!”

Martin - Business Owner & Dad

“Sam’s ability in communicating with children is amazing. From the Human Design chart she was able to get on a level with my 7 year old daughter that enabled her to open up and discuss her issues at school that were making her very unhappy.

Sam was able to discuss how we can best support and empower our daughter without the instinctive need to fix her friendship issues which were very triggering for us as parents (especially my wife)

Human Design is a really special and unique system – Sam can explain it in very simple language – because its a whole new world to us!
Whenever we refer back to the reports – we learn something new each time.”

Kirsty - Mother

“I didn’t have any expectations from using the coaching sessions because I had never used any service like this before. What can I say, but wow. Sam’s coaching has changed my life…
Before I was in contact with Sam, my life was filled with so much fear around my ex husband. Everything filled me with dread after a long time of emotional and mental abuse (gaslighting). Sam enabled me to navigate my way through the persistent anguish that I was living on a day to day basis, her coaching abilities saved my life in so many ways and I will forever be eternally thankful.
The 1:1 sessions with Sam slowly broke the mould of abuse and helped myself recalibrate what was always mine for the taking, which is a life worth living.
Sometimes I didn’t want to hear it, even though some advice is hard to handle but Sam’s sessions always brought me advice that had an honest integrity to it and you can never hide from yourself within that space. I smile, I laugh, I sleep, I truly spend time with my loved ones, I can see my future, I can live again”

Human Design Certification

Alignment Coaching

Nikki B - Special Needs Teacher

“The way in which I see the services that Sam, as a coach provides, is like a professional friendship, someone who you can talk to honestly and openly as you would a close friend but who you can open up to in a way that you might not feel able to do with the friend that you have in your life.

She will be someone who is there to deeply listen to your story, hear your frustrations, problems, dreams, and desires without judgement, and help you work to achieve your goals in a very practical but interesting way. Even though I do have close family and friends I do not always open up to them when things are difficult as I do not want to worry them or change the way they interact with other members of my family.

Sam is able to use her own life and experiences to help others. She has made very big changes in her own life to change her life path completely and has taken the steps to not just want this but to actually make it happen and to completely change her life for the better.

She uses her skills and tools to help guide people on how to reassess the path they are on and to learn that there may be other alternative paths that may lead them to a happier more purpose-filled life. Sam will not tell you the way in which they should be going but will help you identify ways to find your own path and reach your own goals supporting and cheering you on every step of the way.

Annika J - Mind-Body-Spirit Coach

“I was looking for support and guidance re completely changing my career and starting up business on my own. I’m finding life coaching different from any other services as it’s such a personal approach it’s very person specific rather than tick box approach. I have developed a more analytical approach to create a business that is authentic to who I am and this has been helped by the Human Design tool report as a guidance for me on how to approach areas of my life and all at my own pace.

I enjoy having a life mentor who has already been through the journey that I am currently on, someone who I can relate to that points me in the right direction to consider new ways of approaching life. Human Design has helped me get a better understanding of how I show up in life and how to get in the flow of the universe based on my blueprint. The way Sam studies your blueprint and adapts her life coaching approach based on this is really clever. It helps you to remove the road blocks and the fears and self doubt that we place on ourselves based on societal conditioning.

Being a Generator type I have identified that If I feel a block in what I’m trying to achieve I take a step back, let go and trust that the answers will come to me as I need them, and they most definitely do it’s unreal. ”

Anastasiia - Mother

“Absolutely different .. Samantha’s coaching is something new and outstanding
I had different views about ending, whatever on the way of my journey I understand why I’m not able to begin from the part that I want due to my traumas that Sam helped me to realise and make me much closer to my purpose.
I understand that on every level of life you have own basement that will hold all your wealth and health.. I understand who I am now and my issues it’s exactly my individuality. I got my own Human Design and anytime I have questions to myself I can read again and have an answer.
Every session was inspiring on 100%. Each time I left the session I knew that I can do it and I did it. I have amazing results and so appreciate for the sessions I got. Definitely is.. I loved the way it’s explained and it can be helpful for life.
Before the coaching I was tolerating a lot of attitude that drowned me .. I was blaming myself for things I say or do. I didn’t know what is my trauma.. I was extremely tired every single day with no energy with depression.. I was taking medication to control my emotions.. and my child was suffering with me ..
That I’m still able to do things that I couldn’t do for long time. Like have proper sleep, do my homework to improve my life, talk to nice people and take care of myself more ..

For me, Samantha’s coaching is more about energy she sharing with you and the way she level you up using the Human Design. We all developing for life.. I would have Samantha as life coaching me for rest of my life if I could, lol”

Grace - Charity Director & Mother

“I have been working with Sam for quite some time now. I was having a lot of troubles in my relationship not only with my partner but with myself as well.

In the beginning, I struggled to understand who I really was as a person and why I was experiencing the same patterns repeatedly leaving me emotional, confused, and quite frankly angry.

Sam allowed me to talk openly with no judgement or critic. Sam’s 1:1 was nourishing and gave me a lot of clarity of who I was as a person and why my standards and beliefs are so important to me. I now see on a deeper level we are all designed differently and once we can understand that it can release so much pressure on ourselves and in our relationships too. I would highly recommend Sam and Human Design to anyone”

Simone - Business Owner

“I have known Samantha for over 10 years and find her to be an amazing, compassionate, honest, caring and beautiful person – inside and out.

Samantha is passionate about what she truly believes in and I will be forever grateful to her. Her incredible knowledge in the area of Human design also helped me to sort out certain issues in my life, which I would have not been able to do so on my own.

Samantha is dedicated to helping others and I believe she has found her calling in Supernatural Coaching.”

Cheryl - Professional Mother

“Sam has an innate ability to encourage people to hold up a mirror and really look at themselves and what’s really going on.

Her inquisitive nature and genuine interest in people and their particular stories / journeys / situations enables her to build trusting connections and at the same time hold a space which invites care & understanding.

She is passionate, motivating and a woman with bucket loads of strength & love.”

Melissa - Professional Mother

“Sam is a natural communicator, listener, and an empathic coach. She is genuine, passionate, caring, present, endearing and best of all adds her sharp wit and humour at the right time.

Whenever I have left time with Sam I’m energised, inspired and fulfilled with a pep in my step. Thank you, Sam, for being you, following your dream and helping women to lead their best life”

Nicola B - Professional Mother

“I had a great coaching session with Samantha a few weeks ago. I needed some guidance on life goals, how I could achieve them in my circumstances rather than sitting on my ‘to do’ list.

Samantha is a highly-skilled, positive and motivated individual, her advice has helped me already to push along ideas to manifest them into reality. I can’t thank her enough and will absolutely be continuing to use her services. ”

Human Design Certification

Human Design Reading Reports

Yvette - Multiple Business Owner

“I feel the need to go through my HD regularly when situations occur, so that I can best adapt and understand the behaviour from both myself and those I’m interacting with at the time My HD report reiterated everything. There is a lot of information, it is incredibly detailed.
I feel I would need a couple of sessions to really understand the fullness of this report, and therefore be able to apply to all areas of my existence. It is such a detailed analysis, that not acting or understanding the full capacity of who and why we are would be a waste.

I will definitely book for one on one with Sam to fully comprehend my HD. I have also got my daughters report. I would like for us to both sit with Sam and have both of our HD explained, and then completely feel aligned with each other’s energies.

I LOVE THIS stuff! xx”

Jodi Peck - Soul Enlightenment Coach

“I got my Human Design report from Sam and it was chuck full of information and I recommend all of my clients get them from Supernatural Coaching as well.

These reports are a game changer.

When you understand how to use your energy properly, it completely changes the way you look at life. I highly recommend you get your report today. Trust me when I tell you, you are worth the investment!”

Brad Cusworth - Self Sabotage Coach

“I received a personalised Human Design report from Samantha and was totally blown away by the incredible accuracy and personal insights that I received.

Sam literally described and outlined my exact life path, I was speechless after reading it! Every word resonated so deeply for me and it gave me amazing confirmation that I am on the right track.

This report highlighted my superpowers and gave me deeper levels of awareness around my key strengths and layers of conditioning. Human Design can really empower us to live in alignment with our higher purpose.

I highly recommend Sam and the HD system if you are looking to gain deeper insights and awareness into your personal life path, she is incredible!”

Moniste Gauger

I love the Professional Personalized Human Design Reading reports! They are a great, detailed, well-presented product and they provide very thorough personalized introductory Human Design information. I wish that I had had the children’s report when I was a young mother. My daughter read hers recently. She shared that she really relates to it and that it would have been very helpful for me to know these things as I was raising her. Even though I’ve been studying Human Design for 2 years, I still learned a few things in my adult report! I’m so excited to share these reports with friends and family!

The ordering process is also super-fast and easy. Once you fill out your information on the site, you have an email within a couple of minutes and can instantly download your report!

The price is very reasonable, and it saves you time from trying to learn everything on your own!

I’m so happy that I found these reports!

Abi - Mum

“I found lots of information that resonated with my son and helped me understand him better. This helped me as parent to be more aware of how to present choices to my son, also how unique he is and what builds him up as a person.

I am more consciously aware of what makes him tick and I have been working on lots of positive reinforcement over the past couple of days which has led to better choices from him and being proud of himself. As a parent, you start to observe and become conscious of your child’s traits and choices as they grow and develop. This report helps cement a lot of these insights in addition to  giving a further window in to your child and how you can nurture them and become a better supporter and advocate for them.

It is going to be a good tool to refer back to as he grows”.